A well-established player in the Paris market, Screeb has built its reputation on the level of excellence it provides to institutional, private and professional clients.

The office has eleven French notaries and approximately forty associates who are highly thorough and efficient, focusing on real estate, banking and financing, and estate and family matters.

Stated simply, Screeb’s excellence is rooted in its ability to adapt in response to the changes that impact its clients. Always seeking new ways to respond to new demands and challenges, the office is constantly developing well thought out and tailored solutions.

With its innovative mindset, Screeb has forged a position as an agile and proactive trusted partner for its clients. The office is known its quality relationships, providing an optimal client experience adapted to the unique business culture of each of its clients.

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In addition to its traditional notarial expertise, Screeb is providing new highly focused and sectoral services adapted to the evolving needs of real estate professionals.

Screeb’s pragmatic approach aims to ensure that its services are clear and practical, enabling clients to immediately understand the benefit from the relevant expertise provided by Screeb Notaires.

With this in mind, the office supports its client base in relation to real estate strategies and innovation (co-working, building connectivity, green, proptech), management and planning for dependents (state- and family-owned companies) and in international private law.

Screeb positions itself as a pioneer in legal innovation and a partner of choice for institutional and professional clients.

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